Application Migration and Retirement

IBM Lotus Notes Domino

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and an IBM Premier Business Partner, Point Alliance is in a unique position to assist you in bridging the gap between these platforms.

Founded in 2002, Point Alliance consultants has been working with messaging and collaboration platforms since before our inception. We continue to support numerous clients of various sizes on the IBM Lotus platform both in Canada and abroad. The reality though is that IBM Lotus Notes and Domino is no longer the messaging and collaboration platform of choice for most organizations (and it has not been for many years). Because of this fact, we have been integrating and migrating organizations to other platforms (most typically Microsoft) for over 10 years.

Transitioning from IBM Lotus Notes and Domino to a new technology platform reduces costs and complexity and enables companies to better leverage existing technology investments. The Point Alliance Methodology, industry-standard migration tools, unique intellectual property, onsite and remote consultants, and a proven track record combine to mitigate risk and ensure migration success that can scale to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

Whether large or small, organizations must manage multiple technology platforms to keep employees connected and collaborating. As a result, they often find themselves supporting competing or overlapping solutions. Customers who have invested in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino for messaging and business productivity now find themselves unable to take full advantage of emerging technologies.

Although many companies want to rationalize their Notes and Domino investments to reduce cost and complexity, they don’t know where to begin. The transformation can be complex and requires expertise, experience, tools, training and a proven methodology and plan.

Point Alliance’s Offering
Point Alliance assists enterprises in modernizing their application portfolio in a way that maximizes value while minimizing cost, risk and business disruption.
Point Alliance has the expertise to transform IBM Lotus environments into modern, agile application portfolios using the new generation of cloud and mobile enabled content management, social collaboration, portal and employee self-service applications.

The Process

Assess: Understand what exists. IBM Lotus Notes applications can be found across the entire enterprise and can be deeply entrenched in the company’s business processes. Because of the nature of Lotus Notes, these applications could have been developed by technical and non-technical staff and may reside on production servers (or servers that the organization did not even know existed). Point Alliance consultants use automated tools to inventory the Notes servers and applications, which they analyze and categorize based on complexity, design, business criticality, use and application type. They then identify applications that are tightly coupled with messaging and other integrated systems. An initial assessment of viable migration strategies will then come into focus.

Rationalize: Identify what truly needs to be migrated. Rationalization starts with categorizing each application into a functional grouping which is mapped to a corresponding solution. These groupings enable better informed decisions about where to allocate investments. While Microsoft platforms can often be a destination for these applications, Point Alliance takes an objective, platform neutral approach to its recommendations for target solution platforms. During rationalization, our team identifies migration triage rules, consolidation, and retirement strategies for the Notes applications. After selecting which applications to re-platform, Point Alliance creates an application list with realistic costs for migration to the new platform and prepares a roadmap for execution.

Execute: Transform your applications and minimize business disruption. Transformation leverages a factory-style migration and remediation effort, often resulting in multiple waves of re-platforming (these may happen in a parallel or serial process).

Point Alliance may establish a project management/migration office to manage re-platforming, change management, communications and user adoption. This office will create work streams for each key activity as identified in the roadmap. Work streams are executed in parallel, based on time, budget and organizational constraints.

The project management/migration office works to minimize disruption to normal business operations. The work streams focus on the migration schedule, a coexistence strategy, and proper governance for the new target platform. Because this transition imposes significant change to users who will have become accustomed to a familiar environment, Point Alliance will create additional work streams to manage user adoption through training and early proof of concept.

Archive & Retire: Only migrate what is necessary. Shutting down the Lotus Notes platform and actively retiring Notes applications is often the final step. As part of the assessment our consultants will work with your organization to determine what content truly needs to be migrated to the new environment (this may be for regulatory or compliance reasons). Content or data which does not need to be migrated can be archived in a variety of ways leveraging pre-existing tools. Lotus Notes documents may be transformed into pdf documents or html documents and stored on a file server or web server where they can be viewed, searched and printed. Or perhaps in some cases the nsf file itself and the Notes client are all that are needed in case this data needs to be accessed in the future. Whatever the case, there are a variety of options that we are able to assist with.

Key benefits of our process include:

  • Proven methodologies
  • Minimizing business risk
  • Minimizing effort
  • Significant cost savings
  • Rapid delivery
  • Scalable delivery model
  • Predictable outcomes